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By all accounts the TNG cast were genuinely all very close friends and remain so to this dayand that set was like a cross between a giant party and a cabaret show.

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She would definitely be a good fit for that show! Marina played an evil prison matron in the sequel to Green Street Hooligans. Robert beltran nude. R30, she wasn't Seven of Nine. Here he is at the Helm with Anthony Montgomery. Has he worked much since?

Robert beltran nude

They got married after the baby was born, but according to Nana their marriage broke up soon after DS9 ended largely because Sid's career was taking him back to Europe and Nana didn't want to leave the States. I mean somebody like Harry is pretty uninteresting all around, but then you see his character in an episode like Timeless and realize it's not the casting that sucked, it was the writing. Anyone know if her leaving LA Law was her choice? Janeway states that they may in fact never know as sometimes first contact is the last contact.

The actress was sleeping with the decision maker. Blalock was eye candy pure and simple. Hot lesbian models. No wonder they thought she was too tough. Not sign a 7 year contract? It is what that looks like. Since he was at the front of the set, he was often out of range of the camera when the others were being filmed in closeup. TNG didn't have any hot guy regulars. Robert PattinsonVideos. Whatever animosity there was between them was buried a long time ago.

Seven of Nine punches Kim and explains quietly that she is creating a diversion. She's obviously so fucked up she can't do sci fi conventions where she should at the very least be pulling in 50k a year if not a lot more. Then they got married, moved the entire extended family including Visitor's ex-husband to NY, then split up. The core cannot be ejected, so they surround engineering with a containment field and evacuate. She definitely wasn't Seven on "Married With Children.

Very proud it's the gay forum I'm writing that about. Nude girls naked girls. He wonders if the aliens ever wake up and how they evolved this way.

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I love the following bit of shade:. Amateur nude vacation pics. Apparently Garrett Wang has played in a role in getting the two women to ease their tensions. He's probably very laid back, but have you seen Garrett Wang? Now remember in the 80s, Muldaur was a highly respected character actress who could demand a high salary and according to Muldaur herself, she was paid more than all the actors except Patrick Stewart, this created a lot of resentment from other cast who had been there for a year and were getting paid far less.

When they scan for a certain neurogenic fieldthey are finally able to locate the exact location of the aliens. I'm sure there may have been tension between some from time to time but that's what it's like working with people. It's like her bones have thickened. I hope you right, though, that he's just joking about it. No, and she's back in the pokey for DUI. Everyone who watches basketball loves dunks and blocks and three-pointers. But you don't go around cursing at your employer for seven years on open camera.

He wonders if the aliens ever wake up and how they evolved this way.

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As we entered the apartment, I noticed the offender on the couch without clothes on covered up with a blanket. Thai girls fucked hard. Robert beltran nude. A writer's liberty to change characters in TV is even more limited than the actors.

Chakotay, Harry, Janeway and Tuvok are just stating things as they're happening - they're equally emotionless. The DS9 set was a very professional set but none of the cast were that close.

Kate is a professional. Wow, Garrett Wang is an ass and a mess in that clip, R Garrett Wang seems to throw a lot of his co-stars under the bus in interviews. A great many of them are not only shirtless and eager to show off their biceps, but actually caught off their guard without any pants to cover their manhood! And can you imagine what would've happened if they did that to Picard? Since he was at the front of the set, he was often out of range of the camera when the others were being filmed in closeup.

I can tell you what I would do if I was lucky enough to be an actor with not only a steady job, but one on a Star Trek series. Jeri Ryan was a better actress than that.

R54 I've often wondered about Garrett Wang too, I know there were rumors of him being a pussy hound on Voyager but he's something never married?

They tease Kim about his dream, which Torres believes involved a woman of sorts. They grab phaser rifles and come across the aliens near the cargo bay.

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Paris makes his way to the bridgeapologizing to Captain Janeway for his rather late arrival when he discovers that the captain herself has been late this morning. The face was already rather doughy even in the first season. That is when I started to paint again. Girls flashing tits and ass. R37 R yes, spill the details LOL. Fortunately, their teachers shared their hilarious For a while there, it was the Seven show. She had some mental disorder that she self-medicated with street drugs.

Hurley managed to convince Gene Roddenberry into canning Gates and bringing in a new doctor to 'mix things up' on the show. Gonna post with an URL shortener that will take to the article: As our community grows people join who might have missed out the first time around.

Archive of Discovery discussions Newcomers please note: Oh PS I also jerked off to riker - no harassment here. Lesbian girls kissing pics Robert beltran nude. December 11, No Comments.

And can you imagine what would've happened if they did that to Picard?

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